Orange Bowl Representatives Continue To Embarrass Themselves With Northern Illinois Comments

By Riley Schmitt
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Orange Bowl might be the least respected BCS bowl out there. The game normally ends up with the worst matchup and the worst outcome. However, that does not mean they are not above of embarrassing themselves. A representative for the bowl told a Northern Illinois staffer that none of the reps wanted the team in the bowl.

“You guys [NIU] don’t even deserve to be here,” an Orange Bowl rep reportedly said to an NIU staffer. “We didn’t even want you here.”

The team takes on Florida State later today, but this should do plenty to motivate the team. I would love to be disrespected like this. I really hope that NIU comes out and dominates in this game because people have been down on them ever since they were selected.

The Orange Bowl should be happy that they have teams that are even there. NIU actually wants to be there, whereas most teams in the Orange Bowl would rather be anywhere else because like I said earlier, they are not the BCS game that you really want. They just seem to think they are way better than they are.

If they needed any more motivation, I hope this does it. I would love to see NIU win the game and be presented with the trophy after the game. That would be the best, but also the most awkward thing ever: the team that has been disrespected since December getting the last laugh on the bowl that did not want them.


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