Big Ten Conference Lays Another New Year's Day Egg

By Andy Schmidt
Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

There is a recurring trend in college football bowl games with the Big Ten Conference. That trend sees the conference lose every single major bowl game on New Year’s Day. It continued this year with just the Northwestern Wildcats getting a win for the conference and 1-4 conference record. What is wrong with the Big Ten? There are several things wrong with what is happening in the conference.

The Big Ten is 4-13 on New Year’s Day or after that date in the last three years and just 3-9 in the Rose Bowl itself in the last 12 games. I would point to the talent differences between the Big Ten Conference and the Southeastern Conference. I hate to say it but the SEC has much more speed and athletic ability than every team in the Big Ten. Would it have made any difference if the Ohio State Buckeyes or Penn State Nittany Lions got to play in this year’s bowls? Ohio State may have worked but Penn State was probably another loss. The Big Ten just doesn’t have the same talent on the field and that’s why it is getting pounded year after year.

It’s not like you can add two more teams and fix this problem. It boils down to the Big Ten and their teams recruiting even more than they already do in the southern states to get players to come north. That will be hard enough with how good the SEC is and that most players don’t want to go into the Midwestern winters. The Big Ten has to do something as a conference to fix the image of just a great basketball conference and not a good postseason football conference.

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