Florida State Rolls Over Northern Illinois in Discover Orange Bowl

By Curt Popejoy
Discover Orange Bowl
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

When it was announced that Northern Illinois would be playing Florida State in the Discover Orange Bowl, I felt compelled to write about a conspiracy theory. I felt like at the time it was all a matter of collusion and there was no logical reason the Huskies should be going against the Seminoles in a BCS Bowl game.

It was nothing personal against NIU, and the mainstream media got all caught up in the upset angle and everyone came into tonight’s game looking for some sort of Cinderella story. But the shoe didn’t fit.

Florida State, especially on defense, so far outmatched the Huskies at times it looked like the Seminoles had 15 players on the field. Just the size and speed disparity, putting aside athletic talent was so apparent on many plays you almost felt bad for NIU quarterback Jordan Lynch and the Huskies. But then you have to remember, this is what they wanted. And Lynch felt he needed to even talk some trash in the media about wearing the Seminoles down in the 4th quarter and having them on their knees.

But what happened instead was the Seminoles came out in the 2nd half and stepped on NIU’s neck and never let up. I’ve been very critical of FSU and their lack of production from all that talent on their roster and in the first half I really started to wonder if head coach Jimbo Fisher was going to let his players under-perform enough to lose this football game. But instead running back Lonnie Pryor and FSU defense decided that there was no reason for this to go on, and helped the Huskies understand what big boy football is to the tune of 31-10. But it wasn’t that close.

I applaud the Huskies for their effort and for doing all they could in the face of some long odds. And I hate to see a player as talented as Lynch do all he could with so little help around him, trying to will his team to success and get no payoff for it. But the bottom line is this team should have never even been in this game if not for a group of voters and their desire to shake things up.

Thanks for that. It gave FSU a walk away win, and football fans one less exciting game in what has been a tremendous season of bowl games. As for FSU, they should feel fortunate you got Northern Illinois in this game, because they played something a long way from an A game. There are a couple of teams playing later this week in the Alamo Bowl that would have loved a piece of the ACC champs tonight.


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