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Officiating Errors Becoming More Normal Than Not in Football

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This season of football in both the National Football League and college football has seen some really lousy calls made by officials. There was the game with the Seattle Seahawks getting a win that they shouldn’t have because of the referees and Tuesday’s Outback Bowl brought another call that raises eyebrows. These are things that simply can’t happen anymore.

The head referee on a measurement gave the Michigan Wolverines a first down against the South Carolina Gamecocks when it was clear as day that the ball was short of the sticks. The worst part is that he looked at it again and still thought it was a first down. The play was even reviewed and was still a first down. How can this be even possible to stare at a ball that is short of the yard marker and still believe it was all the way to the marker? It isn’t and people will point to human error or that everyone makes mistakes. I have no problem with that but there was a camera angle that showed the ball being short so how did the replay official not overturn it?

South Carolina did win the game however so it didn’t hurt anyone in the end but these are correctable mistakes being made and can’t keep happening with video replay. If you can’t trust the officials on the field or the replay official, who can you trust to make the right call? It looks like there is no one you can trust anymore to make sure the game is being officiated correctly.

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