Oklahoma Sooners Considering The NFL

By Amanda Staver
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the final Oklahoma Sooners game of the season coming on Friday, quite a few of the players have their future sitting on the backs of their minds. That future would be the NFL. Of course, several factors will help weigh their decisions but if they decide to depart early, it could impact the 2013 Sooners quite a bit.

Reporters always ask the players these questions while at a press conference preparing for another game, so several players were asked about their status once they arrived in Dallas for preparation for the AT&T Cotton Bowl against the newest Heisman Trophy winner and the Texas A&M Aggies.

Fullback Trey Millard, who proved to be a key weapon this season by bowling over the opponents, says he is thinking about all his options. He said it comes down to if he would go in the first three rounds or not. Apparently he was not graded in the first three rounds, so right now, his future with the Sooners may continue. If Millard does stay, his style of play would really compliment Blake Bell being at the quarterback position; that is if Bell takes over at that position. Those two would make a deadly combo.

Both Tony Jefferson and Aaron Colvin say they are still undecided on what they will do. Both leaving the Sooners secondary would be a huge loss. If they do stay, they can improve their stock, considering they had some off games the last couple of the season.

A position the Sooners are heavy in is wide receiver, so the team leader Kenny Stills is considering an early exit as wellHe took over for Ryan Broyles, who decided to stay through his senior year. Even with tearing his ACL, his draft stock stayed the same or possibly went up some due to his record-breaking season.

They need to decide what is right for them, but some of these players leaving will change the dynamic of the team. We will find out their fate most likely on Friday after the bowl game.



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