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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Sues NCAA over Penn State Nittany Lions Punishment

Mara Ticcino-USA TODAY Sports

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is suing the NCAA over the punishment it dished out to the Penn State Nittany Lions in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal.

Penn State received severe punishments following the scandal, including a $60 million fine for child abuse prevention grants, a four-year bowl game ban and a loss of football scholarships.

Corbett said the NCAA “piled on” punishments and overstepped its authority.

This is not a good look for Governor Corbett. Who in their right mind would try to take a stance defending the school at which all of the terrible abuse cases happened? I understand Corbett is not defending what Sandusky did, but it does not look good to come out against the discipline the NCAA laid out.

Corbett is a member of the university’s board of trustees, and at the time of the punishment, said part of the process was to accept the serious penalties. Now, months later, Corbett is suing the NCAA.

Donald M. Remy, NCAA executive vice president and general counsel issued the following statement in regard to Corbett’s lawsuit:

“We are disappointed by the Governor’s action today. Not only does this forthcoming lawsuit appear to be without merit, it is an affront to all of the victims in this tragedy — lives that were destroyed by the criminal actions of Jerry Sandusky. While the innocence that was stolen can never be restored, Penn State has accepted the consequences for its role and the role of its employees and is moving forward. Today’s announcement by the Governor is a setback to the University’s efforts.”

This is the point I’m trying to make. Haven’t the victims of this scandal suffered enough? Penn State has already accepted the punishment and just as it is starting to die out of the media spotlight Corbett decides to bring it back up. His excuse? Corbett said he waited until now so he didn’t interfere with football season.

This is infuriating and offensive. It is completely inconsiderate to everyone involved.

Not only is the person defending the University from the state of Pennsylvania, but he is directly involved with Penn State, on the Board of Trustees. Not that it would be any better if someone from another state defended the school, but it certainly looks as though Corbett would benefit from a win in this lawsuit.

Penn State wants to make sure that everyone knows it is not on board with this lawsuit by releasing the following statement.

“The University is committed to full compliance with the Consent Decree, the Athletics Integrity Agreement and, as appropriate, the implementation of the Freeh report recommendations.”

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