Is Louisville Cardinals QB Teddy Bridgewater A Heisman Trophy Favorite In 2013?

By Riley Schmitt

Teddy Bridgewater may flown under the radar in 2012, but he had his coming out party early in 2013. The Louisville Cardinals quarterback dominated in the Allstate Sugar Bowl as he led his team to a shocking win over the Florida Gators. Since it’s never too early for speculation, does this make Bridgewater a Heisman Trophy favorite for next season?

To answer your question, yes. He is going to be one guy to watch next season. He may not be the favorite outright but he is going to get a lot of hype. If you can bet on it early, you should be able to get him at very nice odds. He will face some backlash because of the conference he plays in, but he has gotten better every year. There is no reason to expect him to regress in 2013.

This game may have shocked a lot of people, but if you watched any film on Bridgewater, you know this was possible. He is one tough player and a guy that loves to show up in the big moments. He fought through injuries this year, but he still put up good numbers. This is a guy that you want to build your team around. Louisville is in good hands for next season.

A lot of things can happen between now and December. Players peak and regress almost weekly. However, Bridgewater looks like the guy who can be consistent all throughout the season. Don’t be shocked when he wins that famous trophy in December.

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