Oregon Ducks, Kansas State Wildcats to Channel Inner Video Game in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

By M. Shannon Smallwood
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Cue up the XBox and the PlayStation 3 cause tonight’s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl is going to get wack!

So how did that sound for an opening?

This sports writer is a little off cause he chose to go the family gaming system route with a Wii a few years ago and hasn’t been able to enjoy some EA Sports College Football in a while.

It’s easy to forget the lingo…

But despite what is lacking in the world of video games, there is a real life edition in Tempe, Arizona tonight as the No. 5 Kansas State Wildcats tangle with the No. 4 Oregon Ducks.

What is the Over/Under for this game like 130?

Seriously it’s going to be epic.

And with that being said, the whole thing is probably now jinxed and we are looking at a 17-15 final with like 12 turnovers. But that can’t happen, right? These two teams can score at will and both have less than stellar defenses. It’s like money in the bank for a 70-68 final score.

Well, maybe not. Why? Because both teams haven’t played a game in about 3 months and to run these kind of offenses you have to play real games to stay sharp.

So it will not be a surprise at all if tonight there is no score after the first quarter and only maybe 20 or so points combined at halftime. But don’t worry, cause the second half, especially the fourth quarter, should feature everything from wheel routes to post flags. Heck you might even see an the center pitch play from flag football.

There is no doubt, Colin Klein and Marcus Mariota will quickly shake off any rust they have.

And there is also no doubt Chip Kelly and Bill Snyder will pull out all the stops to entertain us all and win the game.

In other words, buckle up and get ready for the greatest offensive show ever in a BCS Bowl Game as Oregon gets the ball last and wins, 301-294…


M Shannon Smallwood is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the
US Basketball Writers Association.

Follow him @woodysmalls.

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