Brian Kelly Should Shrug Off NFL, Stay at Notre Dame

By Connor Muldowney
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon‘s Chip Kelly isn’t the only Kelly garnering interest from NFL teams regarding a head coaching job, but Notre Dame‘s Brian Kelly has started to earn the interest of a few NFL teams looking for their guy.

The veteran coach has held a head coaching job in either Division I or Division II since 1991, but would he leave if offered the right contract?

Kelly seems happy with his job at Notre Dame, recording two 8-5 seasons before 2012, then leading the Irish to a 12-0 record and an appearance in the BCS National Championship. Some would say that is a pretty successful head coaching stint, NFL teams would say that’s gold.

For teams such as the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles looking for the guy to lead them out of the cellar and into NFL relevance, Kelly would be the ideal guy. With his fiery attitude and teaching brilliance, Kelly seems to be rising to the top of many head coaching vacancy lists.

Would this be the right choice for the coach with the career .750 winning percentage?

In my opinion, it would be a grave mistake for the 22-year head coach to leave the program that he has called home for the last three seasons and the game he has loved for decades– college football.

He might be on top of the college football world right now and looking for bigger and better things, but taking a professional job could essentially tarnish his career. It’s very rare to see a head coach go from college to the NFL and have great success, with the most recent success story being Pete Carroll, so Kelly’s chances of staying at that level would be slim.

Arguably the best coach in college football, Alabama‘s Nick Saban, went to the NFL for two seasons and had a rough couple of years. He could not handle the pressure of winning and the expectations surrounding him. He left after two unsuccessful NFL seasons and returned to college football, dominating the SEC with Alabama.

Kelly is soaring into the college football elite and leaving now would just make him a flash in the college football pan. He should keep his dream job and stay in South Bend, bringing the Irish back to college football greatness and going down as one of the best coaches in the illustrious fighting Irish line of leaders.

So Brian Kelly, I think you know what the right decision is. Keep dominating college football and stay at Notre Dame.


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