College Bowl Games Tell Us Nothing

By Bryan Lutz
Derick Hingle – USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully, the NCAA football bowl season is coming to an end. If there was one thing I have learned from these bowl games, it’s that they mean absolutely, positively nothing.

A lot of fans like to pound their chest about their favorite conference when said conference has a good bowl record; however, a conference bowl record doesn’t mean anything. First of all, if you form an opinion on a one-game sample, you need to learn about sample sizes. Just because Louisville beat Florida, that doesn’t mean the Big East is better than the SEC. Which brings me to my second point: there isn’t one team that is firing on all cylinders after month long layoff.

I understand that the main reason for spreading out the bowl games is for television, but the layoff kills any momentum that a team brings into the bowl season. I seriously don’t understand why some college football fans use bowl records as a defense for why one conference is better than the other. I’ve seen enough nonsense on Twitter to drive me a little nutty. Okay, the SEC is struggling a little bit in the bowl games. Okay, that’s great, but when more than half of their teams haven’t played in a month, rust will affect even the most well-oiled machines. It’s still the best conference in college football.

On the other side of the coin, there is the BCS National Championship game. If the National Championship game was played a couple weeks after the season, I probably would have picked Notre Dame to beat Alabama, seeing as the Bama was in a dogfight with Georgia in the SEC Championship. But with a month to prepare, with Notre Dame losing a lot of that magic, it’s hard not to pick a Nick Saban-led team. If Alabama wins, once again, we will see MissouriKentucky, and Tennessee fans chanting SEC! SEC! SEC! Ugh…

Quick, name the 2007 Sugar Bowl champion!

Exactly. Bowl games don’t mean a thing, unless it’s for that ring.

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