Don't Take Too Much Out Of This Year's BCS Bowl Games

By michaelcronin
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when you were a kid and your parents wouldn’t take you to the movie YOU wanted to watch, instead they took you to the movie THEY thought you wanted to watch? How’d you really feel after that? Disappointed and unfulfilled. That’s kind of like this bowl season for me, especially when I watch the BCS games.

The Florida Gators were destroyed by the Louisville Cardinals and the Kansas State Wildcats got toasted by the Oregon Ducks. I could care less. Neither team reached their ultimate prize and they still deserved to play for a national title. They just simply weren’t motivated in their respective BCS bowls. Just look at how the games played out!

From the start, both the Gators and Wildcats were sluggish and got behind the eight ball. It takes energy and desire to get back into a game. They didn’t really care to do that, especially Florida which has a long history of success. The players know about that and all the BCS games, outside of the title game, are just exhibitions anyways. You still get the free swag from sponsors if you lose. You still get on national TV if you lose.

Kansas State had a remarkable season that allowed them to capture the Big 12 championship, which is their main goal anyways if they can’t get to the national title game. Sure it would have been cool to get old man Bill Snyder a win in a BCS game but it wasn’t like he’s never won a bowl game.

It stinks we’ll have to wait yet another season for college football to finally join the 21st century and get a real postseason. How sweet would an 8 team playoff have been this year? It satisfies both sides of the argument as it still values the regular season but gives the one loss teams a chance to redeem themselves. I suppose that’s neither here nor there though as we’re only getting a 4 teamer to this point.

Oh and for anyone that says a win can “carryover” into the next season…. I say prove it. All I see is 250+ days until your next game in this era of coaches switching jobs and players declaring early for the NFL draft. No roster is truly ever the same. Heck even the “2 deep” depth chart has tremendous rollover. Don’t rip the SEC or Big Ten for their lack of “bowl success”, whatever that means. Argue about something even dumber, like recruiting rankings! Be my guest.

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