Notre Dame-Alabama Tickets Expensive

By douggriffiths
BCS National Championship Game Tickets

Do you ever wonder what it’s like holding a winning PowerBall ticket? We all have, right?

Well, if you are one of the lucky few to possess BCS National Championship Game tickets, you might be experiencing a similar feeling to having a winning lottery ticket.

Tickets for Monday night’s Notre DameAlabama game are a hot commodity and are like gold.

Two storied programs like Notre Dame and Alabama in the title game is a dream come true for ticket brokers.

The tickets, which have a face value between $300-350 a piece, are going for hundreds of dollars on

As of today, the cheapest ticket you can find on StubHub is for $800 for a nosebleed seat. If you wanted a prime seat, you could expect to shell out nearly $5,000 (yes, for just one ticket).

In early December, Chris Matcovich, senior director of data and communications for TiqIQ, a ticket market aggregator in New York, told the Miami Herald, “Right now, the ‘get-in’ price – which is the least expensive price – is higher than two of the last three Super Bowls.”

It’s obvious why prices are so sky high. The game features two of the sport’s most storied programs. Notre Dame and Alabama have combined to win a total of 18 national championships.

“Notre Dame has been out of the picture for a while and has a huge fan base around the country,” Matcovich said. “They’re the Yankees of college football. People love the Irish and hate the Irish. But everybody will be watching.”

And a lot will want to say they were at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens in person.

The demand for tickets at Notre Dame was incredible as more than 100,000 ticket requests were submitted for the school’s allotment of 17,000 (2,500 of those went to students).

A lottery system was implemented to see who would be the lucky ones to get their hands on the coveted tickets. For the few chosen, they were limited to purchasing just two tickets. They paid between $300-350 face value price, plus a $12.50 handling fee per ticket.

One of the fortunate few to get picked for the opportunity to buy tickets was Dan Patterson, a Notre Dame employee. Rather than making a mint off his two prized possessions, Patterson opted to sell them to a co-worker for what he paid for them.

“A friend of mine said, ‘Man what are you doing?’ said Patterson when he told him he was unloading his pair of tickets for what he paid for them. Patterson though said he did the right thing.

“I gave him a good deal,” he said. “That’s what I would hope somebody would do for me.”

Irish freshman quarterback Everett Golson has been inundated with ticket requests from friends, family and acquaintances.”My mom cut that off real quick,” he said laughing. “I let her handle that and control what I can on the field and prepare for Alabama.”

Just think how tempting it must be for players to make a mint off the tickets each of them get. Of course, that’s a no-no since that would be an NCAA violation.

But for members of the general public, making a few thousand dollars by selling a couple tickets would be very enticing. I have to admit if I had my hands on a couple championship game tickets, I would be inclined to unload them. What about you?

The lure of watching the big game at home in high definition on my big, flat-screen television being a few thousand dollars richer would be just fine with me.

Doug Griffiths is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ISLgriffiths.

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