Brian Kelly Will Reject Any NFL Coaching Offer

By Andy Schmidt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the BCS Championship Game coming up on Monday night, there is going to be talk about Brian Kelly and if he would consider jumping to the National Football League. Kelly has made it very clear that he has no interest in leaving the Notre Dame Fighting Irish but I’m not so sure about that if the right offer came along. What would Kelly do if a team like the Chicago Bears came calling and offered Kelly more than he would ever want?

Kelly has done something that a lot of Notre Dame coaches have done before and that is get the Irish to the championship game in their third season at the helm. In every case, Notre Dame has won the national title as well. If Notre Dame does win the championship Monday though, does Kelly really want to stick around to try to repeat? I think the answer is very simple to that question and that is no he won’t leave after some deep thinking. Kelly has too much invested in the Notre Dame program and there isn’t anything a NFL team can do about that even if it is the Bears.

There are still a few coaching openings left in the NFL but unless Kelly is going to get complete control of player personnel along with being the head coach, he isn’t going and I don’t think he would go even with those assurances. This is a case of a coach who has found a home with the team he is with and nothing is going to get him out there. If Notre Dame can keep this season’s momentum going, Kelly will become an instant legend in South Bend.

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