Chip Kelly Will Not Go To The NFL

By Riley Schmitt
Jennifer Stewart USA TODAY SPORTS

A lot of people thought Chip Kelly was going to jump to the NFL. The coach of the Oregon Ducks has been very successful but many thought he wanted a new challenge. That was the wrong thought process as Kelly will remain with the Ducks.

There will be people that bash him but this was the smart move.  Why go to a team in the NFL that doesn’t have your style of player?  The best job for him to take was not open.  There was no point in going to the league and flaming out in a few years.  He can go back to college, coach for a few more years and then eventually jump to the league.

If Kelly goes to the NFL, he is going to need a QB that his mobile.  The jobs that were open really did not fit that profile.  I thought the best job for him would have been with the Carolina Panthers, but they did not fire their current coach.  Imagine Kelly using Cam Newton.  That would be the most entertaining thing in Carolina for a long time.

Expect him to be involved with rumors next season and beyond.  He will make the jump when the time is right.  For now, why would you be upset for him making the best career move?

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