Oklahoma Sooners' Tony Jefferson And Kenny Stills Declare For NFL

By Amanda Staver
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After turned out to be an embarrassing AT&T Cotton Bowl showing from the Oklahoma Sooners, safety Tony Jefferson and wide receiver Kenny Stills have both declared they are leaving for the NFL according to sources. Neither have yet to confirm.

This shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention throughout the last couple weeks. The Sooners are so deep in the wide receiver position, which is full of talent, that Stills would almost be making the wrong decision by not going. Jefferson, on the other hand, hasn’t played up to his potential the last couple of games of the season which hopefully has not hurt his draft stock. They have people helping them make the decisions obviously, so they are doing what they think needs to be done. If I think they are ready or not is pretty much irrelevant in this situation. For the record, I don’t.

Draft analysts have Jefferson going somewhere between the second and third round. What helps Jefferson the most is his ability to be flexible in several different positions. Cleaning up his tackling and putting on some bulk between now and the draft will help him drastically. With work, he can be one of the best pick-ups for teams looking for help in the backfield.

Stills is projected to go somewhere in the third round and is the 14th overall best receiver that should be available. Stills’ speed and ability to make space for himself works to his advantage most times, especially with a quarterback that can get the ball to him. For some teams, his off the field antics may be cause of some concern, though things seemed relatively quiet from Stills for the 2012 season.

The Sooners secondary is taking a hit with Jefferson moving on, but the players make decisions based on what they feel is best for them. Good luck to both Stills and Jefferson where ever they end up. Sooners for life.


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