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5 Reasons Why College Football’s Stock is Down

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A Look at What's Wrong with College Football


Is it just me, or has College Football taken a step back lately? For awhile I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was, but then I started to put it all together. There's not just one big thing wrong with college football, even though you could make a case for that, but I think you can make a case that there are a multitude of problems with the sport.

Now while I could talk about play on the field, this piece is not about the games themselves. I don't like the lack of defense that seems to plague college football by any means, but times do change, and right now the game is about airing it out. That's fine.

It just feels like the sport of college football is rigged in a way. The BCS system is for the most part a joke. It works in that we get a fairly legitimate National Championship game every season, but at the end of it all, teams are playing for a final ranking, not to be champions.

While I won't go as far to call CFB corrupt, there's definitely a system in place that favors large schools. Even without the BCS, the AP and Coaches polls always slurp up popular teams like Notre Dame, Michigan, and USC. The powers-that-be have to love the title game this year featuring two of the sports most storied programs.

So with all the shenanigans associated with CFB in mind, lets take a look at the five biggest things wrong with NCAA football:

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Super Conferences


Who doesn't love a classic Maryland vs. Ohio St. matchup? Well that's what happening in today's world of CFB. Tradition is a major part of the sport and messing with that is not a good thing in my mind. I would actually prefer creating another conference with major teams in it, rather than overloading current conferences with teams that don't make sense geographically.

But like it or not, super conferences are the future of CFB.

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Oh Lou Holtz, why don't you just retire? Does anyone really care what this man says? ESPN must think so. Holtz is just one example from the plethora of marginal talents and personalities from ESPN.

In addition to their cast of "experts," I hate that ESPN broadcasts so many games, and now nearly every single bowl game. Too many games on a network with so-so CFB personalities, ESPN is not helping the status of the sport.

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Too Many Bowl Games


Belk Bowl, Little Caesars Bowl, who gives a #@$!?

Bowl games don't mean as much anymore. 6-6 teams are flocking to games and many of them actually end up with losing records when it's all said and done. Besides the fan bases for the teams in the games, no one cares. It's finally showing through in the ratings, as this year bowl game ratings are down across the board.

It's obvious that these games are just about making more money, but now some of these games are just sad. Hopefully if the lower-tier games continue to draw bad numbers, they will at least pull the plug on some of the bowls.

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New Year's Day Games Are Devalued


New Year's Day used to mean something in the world of CFB. Even up until a few years ago NYD was a special day for CFB fans, but now it's just blurred in with the rest. The main problem is that they have crap games after January 1st. It's one thing to have a ton of games, it's another to schedule them in a moronic fashion. After all the BCS games this year, fans were treated to Kent St. and Arkansas St. on Sunday night. Yeah, that makes sense...

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No Legitimate Playoff System


Playoffs? Yes damn it, playoffs. CFB needs a legitimate system, and it needs it now.

Sure I think it's great that NCAAF will finally have its own Final Four next season, but it's just not good enough. I think the tournament has to be a minimum of eight teams, but you wouldn't hear me complain about 16.

For years my idea has been to take the four "major" bowl games: Orange, Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, and put those teams in an eight-team tournament. This way you keep the meaning in those games, plus you add a legitimate tournament that would satisfy most people. This is a system that would add just three games.

But what about the student athletes? They don't have time for that. Yeah, well what about that month between the end of the regular season and bowl season? I think we could squeeze in three more games.

CFB is still very popular, but it's a sport that needs some updating. They need to look no further than the NFL to see just how a league should operate, especially when it comes to postseason games.