Alabama Watches Zero Dark Thirty in Preparation for Discover BCS National Championship Game

By David LaRose


Kelly Lambert- USA TODAY Sports

Motivation can come in all different forms, but for the Alabama football team, movies seem to be the go-to. Head coach Nick Saban often shows the team a movie the night before big games and, from this season alone, it has proven to be effective.

That brings us to last night. On the eve of the BCS National Championship game against Notre Dame, Saban decided to show his team the movie Zero Dark Thirty. The movie documents the military missions on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, but also ties into a previous theme during the LSU week. Earlier this season, as the Crimson Tide faced the LSU Tigers, Saban showed the team clips from Seal Team Six in order to get them mentally prepared.

What’s the motivation behind showing them these recreations of military missions? Saban does not necessarily want to compare football to a military mission. Rather, he wants to show the team how to overcome adversity. The point of showing them the military movies is to use them an as an example of how to overcome adversity and finish the mission regardless of the circumstances.

Saban knows that his team will face adversity tonight in the National Championship game and he hopes that, by showing them Zero Dark Thirty, they will be motivated to fight through adversity themselves and finish their mission. Alabama has been in this spot before, even earlier this season, and each time they have come out victorious and finished their mission.

We’ll see if tonight follows the same storyline and whether or not the Crimson Tide can overcome guaranteed adversity.

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