Manti Te'o Disappears in Discover BCS National Championship

By Mike Atkinson
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Alabama Crimson Tide had its way with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Discover BCS National Championship game from the very first snap.

The Irish simply looked overmatched in every single way possible. The offense barely mustered any yardage and points, the defense missed tackles and took bad angles and the Crimson Tide steamrolled the Irish throughout the entire game.

The most exciting thing that happened in this game was in the first quarter when ESPN showed Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, and ESPN’s Brent Musburger ogled her like a prepubescent teenager.

The game was ugly from the beginning, but the thing that stood out to me the most was the play of Heisman contender Manti Te’o.

Teo practically disappeared in this game. He didn’t do anything productive all game, missing tackles and getting blocked out of plays.

Just to prove that I’m not alone on this opinion, here were some of the tweets in my Twitter feed about Te’o.

So this guy almost won the Heisman? He wasn’t even close to leading the NCAA in tackles at the end of the season, and now, playing against one of the toughest opponents he faced all season he didn’t do anything. I’m beginning to think this Te’o fellow was a bit overrated.

More importantly, as our last tweet from Tyler Brett suggests, if Te’o can’t do anything against a strong Alabama offensive line, what makes anyone think he will be able to do anything in the NFL against much stronger lines? Come on, one of Te’o’s very few tackles came in garbage time after Alabama benched it’s offensive line and starters.

It’s nice to know he showed up against the bench team.

The Notre Dame defense was a complete disappointment tonight. Entering as the best defense in college football, it can be viewed as nothing less than a complete failure by T’eo and his team.

For a defensive player who almost won the Heisman, I was expecting much more out of Te’o.

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