Alabama Has Become College Football's Latest Dynasty

By Connor Muldowney
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Just how good is Alabama, really? Well, if three BCS National Championship victories in the past four seasons doesn’t tell you, then how about the fact that they are the first school in college football history to win back-to-back BCS titles.

This isn’t the first dynasty that Alabama has had, but it is college football’s latest and the first Crimson Tide dynasty since legendary coach Bear Bryant‘s days in Tuscaloosa. This team is good. Really good.

The Bear would be proud of head coach Nick Saban and what he has done for this program struggling to find an identity just a few short seasons ago when they hired Saban. Arguably the best coach in college football, Saban has won four national titles in the past eight years, counting the two seasons he was in the NFL.

Notre Dame had a great season, going 12-0 leading up to the national title game, then getting romped for the second-biggest loss in BCS history, losing 42-14.

Not many teams can say they scored 69 unanswered points in BCS title games, before the Notre Dame score late in the third quarter that seemed to be just a touchdown based on pride and no actual thought of a comeback.

Yes, one-loss Alabama is easily the best team in college football and many could argue that if they played a more offensive-minded team such as Oregon, the game would have played out differently. However, no team, besides Texas A&M, could slow down the Crimson Tide all season long.

Well, now that their third title in four seasons makes them a dynasty, they should have no problem recruiting the best like they have been doing and just reloading instead of rebuilding. For all of the credit that the Alabama defense garners, AJ McCarron continues to be one of the most reliable, consistent quarterbacks in the country. He was 20 for 28 tonight for 264 yards and four touchdown passes.

Yes, McCarron might be underrated, but the team as a whole is not. They have been there before, three times to be exact, and know what it takes to be champions. As much as college football hates it, Alabama is now the latest in the line of college football dynasties.

The interesting thing about this title win was that the 2012 Crimson Tide were not even Saban’s most talented squad, and some may argue that they weren’t even in the top three squads Saban has had talent-wise.

What made the difference is that they were a complete team. Sometimes chemistry trumps talent and that’s how you become a champion.

Well done, Nick Saban. Well done.

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