AT&T Cotton Bowl Rumored To Host The 2015 Title Game

By Amanda Staver
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With the face of college football moving to a playoff format after next season, sources are saying that the AT&T Cotton Bowl, or better known as Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, could play host to the 2015 National Championship game.

The Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl will host the first ever playoff-formatted games and during the new 12-year deal, they will host a total of four times. The years that the Rose and Sugar are not hosting a playoff game, so the championship game will be moved to Dec. 31, which is a huge change for the bowl system. The first championship game will be played at one of six bowls, including all the current BCS locations, the Cotton and Chick-fil-A. After the initial game, cities will be able to bid on hosting the game, much like how the NFL does the Super Bowl.

The last really big sporting event that Dallas hosted was Super Bowl XLV, which happened to also host a freak ice/snowmageddon storm at the same time. The area received a lot of flak about the way the locals handled the storm. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so some of it was warranted, some was not. I would imagine if it snowed this time, the locals would be a little more equipped to handle the chaos.

Considering the way things have gone for the last seven years, Cowboys Stadium is close enough for an SEC team and their fan base to not have to travel long distances to go to a title game. But let’s face it: they would make the trip to Alaska if it meant another title being brought back to SEC country.

It would be good for the area to have a title game played here. This college football fanatic is all for it.




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