ESPN Is Ridiculous For Issuing An Apology For Brent Musberger's Comments About Katherine Webb

By Ben Grimaldi
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Am I the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous ESPN felt they needed to issue an apology to the University of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb? Brent Musberger called her beautiful, since when is it an insult to call a woman beautiful?

I know it’s Musberger’s job to commentate on the game but what is wrong with calling someone beautiful? The cameras kept showing her and Musberger did hos job, he commentated. Webb is a beautiful woman, she’s Miss Alabama for goodness sakes, so I am failing to see what Musberger did wrong. If ESPN didn’t agree with his sentiments, then why did they continue to show her during the game?

It wasn’t just Musberger who thought she was Webb was beautiful because if you pay any attention to social media, more people were talking about Webb than they were the game. Arizona CardinalsDarnell Dockett tweeted Webb his number over twitter by accident and rival quarterback for the University of Georgia, Aaron Murray, tweeted that Webb needed to become a Georgia fan, so spare me the idea that Musberger was out of line by saying Webb was good looking.

The bigger issue to me is how much of a baby McCarron has been about the situation. He tweeted a derogatory message back at both Dockett and Murray over Webb, even though Dockett apologized over the tweet. It seems to me like McCarron is a little jealous that his girlfriend is getting more attention that he is. The two-time National Championship winner should be proud of his accomplishments and thankful he’s dating a woman many other people are fawning over. Instead, he’s acting like a child, just like he did near the end of the game last night. My only hope is that McCarron gets to play against Dockett in the NFL and Dockett gets a clear path to sack the spoiled quarterback.

There was no need for ESPN to issue an apology to Webb or anyone else for Musberger’s comments last night. He did nothing wrong and it’s an overreaction by a network that continues to do anything they can to stay in the headlines.

Or was there another reason they kept showing her in the stands after the game was well out of hand?

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