Per attorney, charges will not be filed against Texas Longhorn football players

By Marian Hinton
Denny Medley: USA TODAY Sports

Just before the Texas Longhorns‘ Alamo Bowl victory just weeks ago, news broke two Texas football players were being accused of sexual assault.

Around the same time, head-coach Mack Brown announced that junior linebacker Jordan Hicks and junior back-up quarterback Case McCoy were both being sent home for a violation of team rules and missed curfew. It didn’t take people long to put two and two together to figure out which players were involved with the alleged incident.

Prior to the bowl game, a San Antonio woman told investigators that she had invited the two then unnamed players to her hotel room where they proceeded to, allegedly, sexually assault her.

According to the police report, she said that one of the young men assaulted her while the other “just stood there and watched.” Some began to doubt the accuser after she admitted that she had been drinking and stated that she “didn’t exactly remember” and “didn’t quite remember” in response to investigator questions.

Hick’s attorney soon thereafter issued a statement claiming that his client was innocent of the accusations, saying that he “vehemently asserts that all conduct that occurred during the evening of the incident was consensual by everyone involved. The allegation, if any, that a sexual assault occurred by anyone at anytime is completely false.”

As is the case with many of these situations, it was all “he said, she said” with no proof.Now, the two men have gotten word that they can finally put the case behind them. Hick’s lawyer again released a statement, this time claiming that the San Antonio police told him, “No charges will be brought against Hicks or anyone else in this matter.”

It’s unfortunate that the players put themselves into this situation to begin with. It was obviously terrible lack of judgement by the two of them, and Mack Brown did the right thing in sending them home. However, missing curfew and being stupid is a far cry from being guilty of sexual assault. We may never know the answers, but in this case, investigators saw no evidence to pursue the matter further. We can only hope justice was served, on either side.<

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