Philadelphia Eagles Looking At Brian Kelly

By Riley Schmitt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Kelly had one heck of year coaching the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The Irish fell in the championship game, but no one expected them to be there at the beginning of the year. Thanks to this coaching job, Kelly has been getting some interest from other teams. One of those teams would be the Philadelphia Eagles.

We will see if the team ends up getting an interview with Kelly.  I do not think he is in any rush to leave South Bend but he might want to hear what the Eagles have to say.  They are looking to make a splash with their next hire and Kelly would certainly equal that.  However, none of us know how well he would do at the professional level.

Coaching in college and coaching in the NFL are not even close to the same.  Good college coaches have failed at the pro level at more often than you would hope.  However, sometimes it is better to bring in a college coach instead of a retread guy.  At least the college guy might have some fresh ideas.

As much as I love to root against ND, I hope Kelly stays with the program.  He has something special brewing and he shouldn’t leave just yet.  Plus, a good Notre Dame team makes college football more fun, especially if you need a team to cheer against.

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