A Single BCS Computer Still Ranks Notre Dame Fighting Irish Number One

By Scott DelleFave
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced today that one of the six BCS computers still had the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as the number one team in the nation over the University of Alabama Crimson Tide despite being blown out 42-14 in the BCS title game. The Colley Matrix hasn’t liked the Crimson Tide all year, so much so that going into the title game, it had the Tide ranked 5th behind Notre Dame, Florida, Ohio State, Stanford. The numbers weren’t even close for the rankings as “number one” Notre Dame had a 12-1 record with a .9740 rating and “number two” Alabama had a 13-1 record with a .9611 rating.

With all these computers acting seemingly illogical, thankfully the computers only make up one third of the ranking system, thus the Colley Matrix represents five and a half percent of  BCS Standings. The Computers makes the eventual tournament all the more fascinating to wait for and hope that college football doesn’t mess that up either, though someway somehow they will.

The BCS is such a mess if so much money weren’t on the line, they would have had a tournament in place years ago just like every other level of college football. It makes me wonder if  this Colley Matrix has heard of the old robot saying “Does not compute!?” For another interesting take on this is what my fellow writer, Tyler Brett had with his article on this very same topic.

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