College Football Recruiting: LB Alex Anzalone Decommits Again; Will Enroll at Florida

By David LaRose

Alex Anzalone just can’t seem to make up his mind.

The 2013 LB recruit decommitted once again, this time leaving Notre Dame for Florida. The four-star recruit, according to 247sports, is now committed to his third school in less than a year and has added another twist to his roller coaster recruiting experience.

Anzalone was originally committed to Ohio State but after a picture surfaced of him with a registered sex offender during his official trip to Columbus, he backed out. After reopening his recruiting he eventually chose Notre Dame and planned to enroll early to begin school this January. However, with the recent news surfacing that the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in Irish head coach Brian Kelly, Anzalone once again got cold feet and decommitted just two days before signing his letter of intent.

It now looks like Anzalone plans to enroll early at Florida and begin school this semester.

It seems like Anzalone has trouble committing to anything if just the news of the Eagles being interested in Kelly scares him away. First the picture, now the news report regarding the Eagles and Kelly, Florida better hope that nothing surfaces in the next few days or else Anzalone will bolt.

At least for now Anzalone is committed to the Gators and it seems that this time his decision is final. What does this mean as far as recruiting classes go? Well, Notre Dame, who had the top recruiting class while Anzalone was with them, drops to No. 2 while Florida leapfrogs them into the No. 1 spot.

Who knows if Kelly will actually make the move to the NFL but the thought alone was enough to scare Anzalone to Florida. Hopefully he’s finally made up his mind because this was a bit ridiculous.

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