Five reasons Brian Kelly should stay at Notre Dame

By patmercadante
Matt Cashore -US Presswire

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish finished the regular season undefeated and returned to the top of college football this season. The turn around can be credited to head coach Brian Kelly.

Kelly won multiple coach of the year honors for a program that was not expected to return to the top 25 this season.

The team success caught national attention and with that attention comes the question if Kelly can turn around Notre Dame what can he do for our team.

The first team to come calling was the Philadelphia Eagles, who interviewed Kelly yesterday.

Thanks for the offer Philly but no thanks. Kelly should stay in South Bend for many reasons and here are the top five reasons why he should not leave Notre Dame.

First, Finish the task at hand. Kelly has led teams to the Division II title at Grand Valley State in 2002,2003. Before winning the title, Kelly lost in the championship game. Following that season, Kelly won back to back titles. There is work to be done at Notre Dame, win the BCS Title.

Second reason, Kelly has one of the best coaching jobs in college football. Not many other schools have the tradition of Notre Dame. Kelly brought a winning mentality back to the Irish and should be at Notre Dame when recruting starts to get easier as top recruits are flocking to your program.

Third, Why join the NFL coaching carousel? At Philadelphia or any other team, it would be start from scratch and build a winner. No college coach has ever went straight to the NFL and won the Super Bowl. Many coaches went to the NFL and failed and only a handful succeeded.

Fourth, Why start over now? Kelly has turned Notre Dame into a winner and needs to be here when they raise the crystal ball in the very near future. Recruiting is up and Notre Dame will have one of the top recruiting classes in the country and Kelly should benefit from his hard work the past three years. Do you want to be remembered as the coach who started to turn around Notre Dame and couldn’t get the program to the title? Or do you want to be remembered Coach Kelly after four years of hard work what is it like to raise that crystal football and bring the National Championship back to Notre Dame.

Fifth, “I think from my perspective I’ve got the best job in the country, NFL, college high school, whatever,” Kelly said Saturday before the BCS title game. “I just look at the place that I’m at and thankful for the opportunity that I have.” It is understood that Kelly has to listen to the offer but if he does believe that he is in the best job in the country, Irish fans have nothing to worry about.

If Kelly was in a lower level coaching position and was looking to better his family, then leaving would be a legitimate question. Kelly is in the best job in college football and really needs to stay at Notre Dame, instead of heading to a place where even Santa Claus got booed.

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