Introducing the Honey Badger Award for Extracurricular Excellence

By Kris Hughes


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Every spring and summer, some college football players trade exerting their energy on the gridiron toward exerting in in various, um, extracurricular activities including DUIs, arrests and other freelance activities.

Since these incidents are so copious, Rant Sports has created the Honey Badger Award for Extracurricular Excellence to be given to the team that participates in the most extra-curricular activity from the day after the National Championship game up to Aug. 1. I know, I know, it’s a tough task– but someone has to do it.

We’ll be bringing you the weekly rankings based on our own tracking of this extra activity from week to week each Friday afternoon.

Here are the inaugural rankings– things are off to a slow start, but I’m sure they’ll pick up soon:

Honey Badger Award for Extracurricular Excellence- Week One




Week One brought us only two off-field shenanigans, one by a player involved with the Kentucky Wildcats and the other from the Florida State Seminoles.

On Tuesday, Seminoles running back James Wilder was arrested for the third time in less than a year, this time for failing to appear in court for a charge of driving with a suspended license. Maybe he was scared to drive to court. News flash, James, there are these magical vehicles called buses that can get you places without you driving. I know, that 21st century technology is mind-blowing!

Kentucky Wildcats offensive lineman T.J. Jones was hit with a with a weapons law violation after reportedly bringing a loaded gun into his former high school’s locker room following an altercation. I’ll leave this one alone–there’s nothing funny at all about guns.

Anyway, the Seminoles and Wildcats are off to a quick lead in the HBAEE award race.

Wish them (less) luck!

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