Who Will Be The Oklahoma State Cowboys Quarterback In 2013?

By Amanda Staver
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Many are saying that the Oklahoma State Cowboys will have the best chance at winning the Big 12 for the 2013 season. But with all three of their quarterbacks returning, who does head coach Mike Gundy turn to?

Before injuries plagued both Wes Lunt and J.W. Walsh, they were doing a decent job of keeping the Cowboys offense as one of the most potent in the country. The fan favorite award definitely went to Clint Chelf, who skyrocketed up to almost a cult-like status to the Poke faithful.   He even earned himself a nickname, Choo-Choo Chelf.

Sitting behind Brandon Weeden the last couple of season, Chelf has the upper-hand when it comes to experience. Chelf is a junior, where both Lunt and Walsh are both going to be sophomores.

All three offer different styles of play for the offense, but if they are solely going off of last season’s performance, it’s hard not to say that Chelf will be the guy. The Cowboys are fortunate to have three options, all who have taken snaps in a college football atmosphere before.

The race will most likely come down to Lunt or Chelf, with Chelf having the edge due to his performance the last half of the season. Lunt will still have plenty of time to build under Chelf, just like Chelf did under Weeden.

Talking to Cowboys fans, most are of the opinion of wanting Chelf to take over, instead of one of the underclassman. This, in my opinion, would be the better choice. We will see how it all pans out once Spring workouts begin.

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