Big Ten Conference About To Change Division Names?

By Andy Schmidt
Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten Conference has a lot of issues going on with it, and one would be the names of the two divisions in Legends and Leaders. When I heard those for the first time, I was shocked that anyone would allow those really bad names to slip through. The Big Ten is considering making a change to the division names when the conference’s two newest members join in a few years. There is a very easy solution to this.

The Big Ten should just name the divisions East and West and get it over with. The odd names to the divisions were a bad idea to begin with, and hopefully they get fixed sooner than later. The idea of just going East and West or even North and South is better than what is there now. I really wish the Big Ten would keep its natural rivalries together as well, but that is just getting too hard to do.

The conference could decide by June on a name change but are they going to have to change things again if the Big Ten goes to 16 teams? It is possible that could happen, but a simple switch to East and West would fix all those problems right away. It is getting confusing as it is with all the different teams changing conferences and who is going where. Can fans have one thing that isn’t confusing for once? Hopefully the Big Ten gets the message and decides on a much-easier East and West Division setup.

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