Virginia Tech Football: QB Logan Thomas is Returning for Senior Season

By Ryan McCart
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a good week for the Virginia Tech football program. First Antone Exum and James Gayle announced that they would be returning for their senior seasons and today, Logan Thomas announced on ESPN’s College Football Live that he would be returning for his final year in Blacksburg.

During the regular season, it seemed almost a certainty that Thomas would return. He was wildly inconsistent in 2012, evident in the fact that his completion percentage almost dropped a full seven points from 2011. However, when the offseason began a lot of the media believed that it would be in Thomas’s best interest to leave for the NFL.

The belief was that Thomas’s size, strength, skill set and potential would still make him a reasonably high draft pick. However, there is still obvious room for improvement. Thomas needs to work on making his throwing motion more consistent and his footwork.

Thomas’s return to Virginia Tech will benefit everyone involved. The Hokies will once again have an elite playmaker at quarterback, Thomas will continue to become a better quarterback and the NFL will have more time to assess Thomas as well as the possibility of adding a more polished player to an NFL roster in another year.

I think that Thomas made the right decision in coming back. He needs another year to learn the quarterback position. He was recruited to come to Virginia Tech as a tight end and so having another year as a quarterback under his belt will certainly help. Logan Thomas’s 2012 season was a disappointment, but the rising redshirt senior has a good head on his shoulders and I think that will drive him during the off-season to get ready for 2013.

Now that the quarterback has announced that he is returning, it is time to get back to work. Virginia Tech’s top question for the off-season has now been answered and it is time to move on to other issues like recruiting.

It is a very good day for Frank Beamer and his coaching staff, but really the work is just beginning.

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