Manti Te'o Should Have Gone Public Sooner

By patmercadante


Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

Manti Te’o has said he is a victim and Notre Dame is supporting him. Although in this country, innocent before guilty should be the motto in court, it is not always the case in the public eye.

Te’o has a long way to go to prove his innocence and he is off to a rough start. After the article from broke, news outlets spred like wildfire about the hoax and Te’o is perceived by many media outlets to be a part of the hoax.

Te’o issued a statement about how he was tricked and deceived in this terrible and sophisticated hoax. If his story is proven to be true, he should have gone public sooner.

According to Jack Swarbrick,  while at an award show in Orlando, Florida he was contacted by the same phone number Lennay Kekua used and the voice sounded the same and she infact was not deceased.  Te’o waited over twenty days to contact his coaches with this information. The next day he met with Swarbrick and gave details about the relationship with Kekua.

The matter was investigated by a private company and Te’o and his family chose not to report the haux to the authorities. Swarbrick deferred questions about Kekua and their relationship to Te’o and he would answer questions about the haux. Swarbrick did contradict some of the reports previosuly stating that when Te’o said that they met, he meant they met online. Swarbrick throughout the press conference did nothing but compliment the charector of Te’o. Swarbrick also stated that Te’o intended to go public with the story next week.

Te’o should not be embarassed about being deceived. Te’o should not be embarrassed about making a mistake in being to trustworthly. He should want to clear his name from the allegations that he was a part of the haux and the purpose of the tragic story was for publicity.

It is not to be determined whether or not Te’o is a victim or if he is hiding something. Only he can provide a conclusion to this sad story and it needs to come in the very near future.


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