Boise State Shouldn't be Satisfied as Top 15 College Football Team

By Jeric Griffin
Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

No one had ever heard of the Boise State Broncos before their magical win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. The BCS finally broke down and allowed a “non-BCS” team into one of its sacred monstrosities, and Boise State took advantage by literally pulling out all the stops in an incredible win that propelled them to unheralded popularity.

Over half a decade later, Boise State is now a household name and a perennial top 25 college football team, but the Broncos can’t be satisfied; there’s so much more in store for them.

Obviously, being located in Boise, Idaho hurts their recruiting at least a little bit. I mean, who wants to live in Boise, Idaho? I don’t and I grew up in the country, so some of these recruits from big cities definitely aren’t going to want to head up there, blue turf or not.

The Broncos have been very, very close to playing in a national championship game after multiple undefeated seasons since 2007, but haven’t quite made it. Although they’ve been close to perfect since then, they do have a couple of minor blemishes on their record (figuratively speaking). Although it shouldn’t, that has kept Boise State out of the legitimate national championship discussion. The BCS hopes to satisfy the Broncos by keeping them in the top 25–they’ll be around No. 15 to start 2013–but the blue and orange crew cannot be satisfied with that.

Boise State shot itself in the foot when it passed on an invitation to join the Pac-12 when fellow BCS-buster TCU left the Mountain West for the Big 12. The Broncos were almost a member of the Big East this past year, but that didn’t happen either, so now they’re still just a potential BCS-buster and nothing more. That may be what they want, but the Broncos need to join a BCS conference to be a major part of the new playoff system that will come into place in 2014. No one wants to see Boise State left out anymore, so now the little school has to help itself.

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