Northwestern Wildcats Will Begin 2013 as Top 25 College Football Team

By Jeric Griffin
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, it’s an exciting time at Northwestern University and we’re not just talking about the next big sports anchor or reporter to graduate. Seriously, it seems like half the anchors and reporters in the sports media world today graduated from Northwestern, which is undoubtedly the top journalism school in the country. However, it’s the Wildcats’ football team (no, really) that has its fans (all 23 of them) excited.

Northwestern beat Mississippi State 34-20 in the Gator Bowl this month, the Wildcats’ first bowl win in 64 years. Read that again: sixty-four years. With all the junk food we eat today, that might be an average human life span. Google that when you have time because now I’m really curious.

The win itself was a great one for Northwestern because Mississippi State is no pushover. They’re not an SEC powerhouse, but an average SEC team is typically a powerhouse compared to an average team in any other conference, especially when that team is Northwestern.

Not only did that win come 64 years after the last one, but that one over six decades ago was the school’s first, so this Gator Bowl victory was only the Wildcats’ second in school history.

The great thing about it for Northwestern is it could get even better in 2013. On average in all the way-too-early preseason polls, the Wildcats are a top 25. Just barely, but they’re in there. Wildcats quarterback Kain Colten is back for his senior season and looking to make some noise in the Big 10. If he can to his 1,600 total yards and 20 touchdowns in 2012, the Wildcats might just find themselves in another bowl game next year.

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