Can Cincinnati Win the Big East Football Title in 2013?

Michael Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

There are certain things that makes a person scratch his or her head. Tommy Tubberville leaving Texas Tech to coach the Cincinnati Bearcats may be on that list. When Butch Jones announced he was leaving Cinci to take the University of Tennessee job, Bearcat fans had no idea what to expect. Lo and behold, Tubberville shocked the critics by accepting the post.

This move gave the Bearcats some strong credibility in a shrinking Big East Conference. With all of the teams departing the conference and new and lesser talented programs taking their place, the Bearcats are the tallest of the group. That bodes will for the 2013 outlook with this team. The only team that stands in their way are the Louisville Cardinals and a shot at a BCS game.

There will be some Big Ten flavor on the Bearcats schedule this year as well. They’ll host Purdue to open the season before traveling to Illinois during the second week. Considering the state of these two programs and the other non-conference opponents include Northwestern State and Miami of Ohio, it concevable that the Bearcats will enter conference play with a perfect record. Winning brews confidence, and the Bearcats are set up for success.

2013 should be an interesting year in the Queen City. With all of the excitement Tubberville’s normally high-scoring attack brings with it, Bearcat fans have something to look forward this season. And if everything works out, the Bearcats will have a great season.

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