Is Bill O'Brien the Best Coach in College Football?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The whole Penn State Nittany Lions story has been beaten into the ground. We all know what happened and the sick and twisted story surrounding the program, school and community. It ruined the legacy of Joe Paterno and everything that Penn State supposedly stood for through the years. This was a program built around a community of blue-collar hard-working people, and it became a symbol of everything that is wrong with our society.

That being said, the NCAA allowed Penn State to continue playing football under massive penalty. Bill O’Brien came to the PSU from the New England Patriots with a strong reputation. Considering everything that occurred, this team finished 8-4. To me, that is perhaps the greatest job of coaching I’ve witnessed in my 38-years on this earth.

Kudos to O’Brien for sticking with the program despite all of the problems he was going to face. It is nice to see a coach sign a contract and mean what he says. While O’Brien’s name did pop up when the NFL coaching searches began, he reiterated his commitment to the program he vowed to fix. While this can all change, he will be the coach in 2013.

There’s just no way to really analyze this program. Considering how down the Big Ten was in 2012, it doesn’t appear to be getting any better in 2013. Despite PSU being banned from bowl eligibilty for the next three seasons, O’Brien would love nothing more than to compete in the Big Ten. Looking at this season, there’s no reason why he can’t do it.

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