Johnny Manziel Gets Speeding Ticket, Judge in Hot Water

By Connor Muldowney
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel was involved in yet another off-the-field issue, but this time it’s not the crime that he committed that is the main problem.

The Texas A&M star was recently ticketed for speeding near Dallas, while a local judge thought it was the right idea to post what had happened on his Facebook. The judge, Judge W. Lee Johnson, has worked for the city of Ennis for 25 years and should have known better.

Posting something publicly about a highly recognized individual is an ethical issue that goes beyond the courtroom. His duty to the public is to serve as judge to trials privately and not reveal what is going on behind the scenes, especially with something as minor as a speeding ticket.

Manziel has, however, been in the media a lot lately because of his reckless partying habits and careless behavior off the field. Pictures were leaked showing Manziel at a Dallas night club with his mother, drinking champagne and smoking a cigar. It was obvious the Heisman winner was celebrating his bowl win over Oklahoma in an interesting way that isn’t necessarily what a role model is supposed to do.

What saved Manziel’s reputation after those pictures came out was the Texas law that declares it legal for a minor to drink when a parent is present. More pictures came out to the media weeks ago showing Manziel at an Oklahoma casino flashing stacks of money with two other people. While this isn’t illegal, it still is not role model-worthy.

No matter what trouble Manziel has been in this season and off-season, there is nothing that warrants a judge to publicly post about a ticket that should be a private matter.

The judge is expected to reach out to apologize to the Heisman quarterback in the near future, and that would be the least he could do.

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