Patience Will Pay Off Georgia Bulldogs with Reuben Foster

By Dave Daniels

The Georgia Bulldogs have watched Rueben Foster commit to Alabama, flip it to Auburn, and then de-commit from the Tigers. They have patiently waited for their shot at the 5 star ILB, and the moment for them to close is now.

“I think I could make a big impact at Georgia or Auburn,” Foster told Kipp Adams of ESPN. “But knowledge-wise, I think I could get the best out of it at Alabama or Georgia, because of Nick Saban and Mark Richt. Alabama has the best reputation of getting people to the next level, but I could get on the field earlier at Auburn or Georgia. I love so many schools that have told me what I want to hear, and they know what I want to hear, so it is confusing. This is why … I honestly do not know where I am going to go, but I know it will be wild.”

Foster does not even know why Georgia has stuck with him and stayed committed to him the whole time; it has impressed him and it could end up reaping big rewards for the Bulldogs.

“I do not get it with Georgia,” Foster said. “I committed to Alabama last year, and they said they were not giving up on me. Then I decommitted and they thought they had a chance, and then I committed to Auburn. Once again, they said they were not giving up on me. They stayed on me heavy this entire time, then when I decommitted from Auburn, they said they were coming for me. They were there at the school the day I decommitted, and they said they were sorry I had to go through all of that twice, but they were just giving me goodwill that day and that was great to have. I could tell they were happy when that happened though.”

There is one way the Bulldogs would be super happy, and that is if Foster is one of them next year. Foster is the number one ranked MLB on Scout and has massive strength, speed, and hitting ability. He has the ability to force turnovers, and will be able to keep up with the speed and size of the SEC. Let’s just see what team it will be for.

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