QB Coach Mike O'Cain Fired From Virginia Tech

By Ryan McCart
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

There has been no official announcement but when a man tells the world that he has lost his job, it’s hard not to take his word for it. Mike O’Cain has said that he has been fired from his post as Virginia Tech’s quarterbacks coach and offensive play-caller. O’Cain explained that he received word of his dismissal from Frank Beamer and that he understood that such is the business in college football.

This seemed like an obvious move after the Hokies 7-6 season in 2012. O’Cain and offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring were the two people most responsible for implementing the pistol into Virginia Tech’s offense and for the most part, it was an unmitigated disaster. The constant pre-snap motion by the offense didn’t fool opposing defenses in the least.

The only real surprise in this ordeal is that Frank Beamer made the move as part, of what seems as, wholesale changes on the offensive coaching staff. Frank Beamer may be the most loyal coach in all of college football. That loyalty is one of the biggest reasons for the past success of the Hokies. However, something had to change with the offense.

The last time the Hokies had a premiere college offense was back in the days of Michael Vick. Since then, Virginia Tech has had a decent offense that bordered on good when the right superstars (David Wilson, Tyrod Taylor etc.) were on the field. A change in the coaching staff may just be what Beamer’s program needs.

The status quo just wasn’t good enough anymore, and Beamer finally made a move.

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