Kain Colter: Northwestern's Next Hero

By Connor Muldowney
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not often you see such a talented quarterback earn so much credit for a team’s success even though he doesn’t even lead his own team in passing yards.

Northwestern‘s Kain Colter did just that as he was everything the Wildcats needed, even with his low passing numbers. He had an up-and-down season, but Colter kept with it and earned all the credit he received.

There’s no doubt that sophomore Trevor Siemian had a solid season and had a large hand in Northwestern’s success, but it was the leadership and ability of Colter to make other players better that proved to be key. Head coach Pat Fitzgerald knows toughness and that’s exactly what Colter brings to the table at quarterback– a rare trait for that position.

Northwestern knows great quarterbacks and there is no doubt that when Colter leaves, Siemian will have a chance to be on that list, but in 2013 Colter will join that list.

Not many quarterbacks can rush for more yards than they passed for in a single season, but with an arm like Siemian’s backing you up, the passing responsibilities were not in the junior quarterback’s hands.

The 2013 season will be Colter’s final season as a collegiate player, and he will most likely earn more passing responsibilities while still carrying the ball a decent amount. Not many people expected the Wildcats to have 10 wins in 2012 and compete for a conference title, but they did. It was hard to see the Wildcats win a bowl game in 2012, something they hadn’t done since 1948, but guess what? They did.

Not many people believe that Colter can pass the ball while still having the same success on the ground, but by completing 68 percent of his passes in 2012, I think he can be one of the better passers in the Big Ten.

Northwestern is only getting better, but can they win the conference title in 2013 behind Colter? I think so.

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