Tommy Tuberville Burning Bridges With Recruits Before Signing Day

By Amanda Staver
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that new Cincinnati Bearcats head football coach Tommy Tuberville didn’t really earn any new fans after the regular season ended. As everyone already knows, he up and left Texas Tech during the night,  and then basically left in the middle of a recruit dinner to accept his new job. He has done nothing but continue to anger more and more people as the days go on.

Recently, the way Tuberville has handled himself over the last several weeks isn’t helping his cause whatsoever. Apparently ole’ Tubs has rescinded on several recruit offers, leaving several players scrambling for places to turn. One recent example is Mick McCabe, who had committed to former Bearcats coach Butch Jones before he accepted the Tennessee job.

Even after hearing of Jones’ departure, McCabe had still planned on attending Cincy; he did his research about the program and the area and he was excited about it. He was in contact with people from the program up until the dead recruiting period:

I talked to him right before the dead period, and I was expecting a call the day they could call us again,I never received one, so I called the coach and he was like, ‘Everything’s good, everything’s fine. He told me he would be able to call me back. He never called back. I called him a few nights ago, and he was like: ‘We just finalized our staff. Give me a call tomorrow, and I’ll let you know what’s going on.

And guess what, the poor kid got Tuberville’d:

I ended up calling him, and he was like, ‘Tuberville had brought in his recruits and the athletic director said he didn’t have to honor anyone’s scholarship. And that was pretty much it.

As I mentioned, apparently McCabe isn’t the only Cincinnati recruit who has been shafted by the new head coach. McCabe does have other offers, but his main point was that he did so much research to come to his decision on where to accept. A lot of the schools who had previously offered are now full. The fact that he had to call them, instead of the school calling him to let him know what was going on, is pathetic. So with just weeks left until National Signing Day, some recruits are scrambling to find themselves a place to play.

The way Tuberville has handled himself lately can’t put any confidence in the Bearcats program or for any recruit who is considering them. Looking at his track record, this comes as no surprise.

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