Kirk Bohls Says Texas A&M Aggies To Win It All In 2013: This Shall Not Pass

By Spenser Walters
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It has come to my attention that a sports writer for the Austin American-Statesman has picked the Texas A&M Aggies to win it all in the 2013 NCAA Football season and thus become the next BCS National Champions. I know it was you Kirk Bohls, you broke my heart.

Now I can’t be too hard on Bohls for picking the Aggies simply because of the bitter rivalry between them and the Texas Longhorns. Us sports writers have to be able to take an honest look at the NCAA football landscape without letting school allegiances get in the way. Hook ‘Em. To be fair Bohls put Texas at No. 15 on his preseason poll, which is about where I would stick the Longhorns. Not even I am a big enough homer to say Texas will win it all, but the Big 12 will come down to Texas and the Oklahoma State Cowboys. No, I can’t hate on Mr. Bohls’ pick just because they are the Longhorns’ rival, but I can disagree with it because they are the Aggies.

Texas A&M is losing two starters off of their offensive line, which Bohls points out. However, he seems to believe that Jake Matthews will easily transition into Luke Joeckel’s old spot on the O-line which he left open when he headed for the NFL. Bohls also assumes that the Aggies’ new center will be good because he is Jake Matthews’ little brother. Younger siblings don’t always live up to the family hype; see Case McCoy. A&M will have a re-adjustment period on the offensive line, and that Week 3 game with the Alabama Crimson Tide will come up fast.

The Aggies also lose two of their top wide receivers, so Johnny Manziel will have to find some new targets to spread the ball out to.

On the subject of Manziel, yes he is stupid good and yes he will be impressive in 2013, but he won’t repeat his killer freshman year. The defenses of the SEC learn fast and the Aggies will be without former offensive coordinator Cliff Kingsbury.

The Texas A&M defense needs work. Mr. Bohls admits this because, well he watched them play last year and knows that they are a rather hit-and-miss kind of group.

Turning to A&M’s schedule, Bohls points out that the Aggies only have four road games in 2013: at the Arkansas Razorbacks, Ole Miss Rebels, LSU Tigers and Missouri Tigers. Every point that Bohls makes about these teams is dead on, especially the fact that the Bayou Bengals are going to struggle next season after losing 11 players early to the draft. Still, Death Valley is never an easy trip, and lest we forget Texas A&M’s two losses in 2012 came at home. Kyle Field is a menacing place to play, but LSU and the Florida Gators pulled off road wins there last season. I think ‘Bama can do it too, and as I’ve said before don’t sleep on the Vanderbilt Commodores, who Mr. Bohls brushed off a little too quickly in my opinion. Bohls also mentions that A&M won’t play Florida, the Georgia Bulldogs or the South Carolina Gamecocks in 2013. They might, however, meet one of them in the SEC Championship Game, and if the Aggies were to lose that late in the year, they could get shunned from the big dance.

The Texas A&M Aggies will be a good football team in 2013. They will win at least nine games as I see it, and a second 10 + win season is certainly a possibility. Preseason No. 1 and BCS Champion pick though? That is far too bold, Mr. Bohls. I dig your work, sir, but I just can’t dance to the tune you’re playing on this one.

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