Alabama Players May Have Used PEDs Prior to BCS National Championship

By Dan Irwin
Quinton Dial
Matthew Emmons – USA Today Sports

University of Alabama defensive players may have taken performance enhancing drugs prior to the BCS National Championship game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

According to a story on NBC Sports, S.W.A.T.S. representative Christopher Key met with multiple Alabama defenders on a hotel room the night before the game. Two players mentioned being there by name were Quinton Dial and Alex Watkins.

Items shown to the players were stickers which Key called “chips” that had holographic pyramids on them that you place over acupuncture points over the arms, wrists and heart which gave the players incredible energy. They were told that they wouldn’t be tired in the fourth quarter.

Key also introduced the players to negatively charged water and the deer antler extract spray. Compounds in the antler extract is a classified banned substance.

The Alabama Crimson Tide coaching staff was apparently unaware of the meeting.

Steroids have now invaded the college game in a massive way, with accusations pointing right at a current national champion. Alabama should be forced to vacate their BCS National Championship. The school does not deserve to fall under any scrutiny or punishments as they were not involved, but these players should have their scholarships revoked as well.

The college game will likely get some serious rules put into place as far as stricter drug testing, and it’s about time. Players in the college game are generally so unregulated and trying to get a cash-supplying job in the NFL.

And what of the rest of the SEC? How does a team like the Georgia Bulldogs feel about this news coming out? Should Alabama have to vacate the rest of its regular season wins as well?  Rant away.

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