Did Alabama Crimson Tide Players Take Banned Substances before National Championship?

By Michael Terrill
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team reportedly took the same banned substance before the 2012 National Championship that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is in hot water for. It is no wonder why the Alabama players looked like super athletes compared to their LSU Tigers counterparts in what was one of the most boring National Championships of all time before this year.

The Sports Illustrated article that pinpoints Lewis trying to obtain a deer antler spray from Sports with Alternatives to Steroids (S.W.A.T.S) also mentions multiple Crimson Tide players for being guilty of doing the same thing. The only difference is the players allegedly used the banned growth hormone known as IGF-1 to add muscle mass where as it is not known if Lewis did.

The substance is obtained through the harvest of deer antlers. The people at S.W.A.T.S acquired the illegal substance and contacted players from Alabama who they thought would be interested in boosting their performance. The heads of the company allegedly met with players before their 21-0 rout of the Tigers two seasons ago.

As bad as it is it apparently does not stop there. S.W.A.T.S also gave the players what they call “negatively charged water” which is a combination of products that when mixed together creates hormones in the body.

The question has to be asked, which Alabama players are responsible for taking these substances and how much did it affect their NFL draft status? The fact that there is no known advantage for using the IGF-1 has to be considered because it has yet to be proven to work on humans. However, these players knew what they were doing was wrong and that the substance they were using is banned from all sports. That alone should be enough to incriminate the Crimson Tide players for doing something that they should not have been.

Considering Lewis will be playing on an international stage Sunday night in a little game called Super Bowl XLVII, expect this story to gain steam along with several questions regarding what exactly S.W.A.T.S has been up to the last couple of years.

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