Texas A&M Should Not Be Forced to Play Texas Longhorns

By Dan Irwin
Texas A&M
Thomas Campbell – USA Today Sports

If Texas representative Ryan Guillen’s Texas House Bill 778 passes, the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies may be forced to play against each other.

In the immediate aftermath of the divorce between the two FBS giants, many fans were understandably upset. But is forcing the two schools to play against each other fair to both of them? Is it fair to both the Big 12 and SEC?

At the end of last season, you would have said that a deal like that would be fair. The Aggies are in line to play a slew of newer, quality  opponents, and preserving their rivalry would have been beneficial to the Big 12 especially.

But after the 2012 season with the success of Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, and the phenomenal recruiting success that they’ve been enjoying in College Station, would it really be fair for both of these teams to play against each other, or would it essentially benefit the Longhorns and attempt to sway in-state recruiting back in their favor?

The SEC should do everything possible to block Texas House Bill 778 as having one of their member schools possibly lose recruits and money to a competing conference would be a bad business decision.

With that being said, you might think that Guillen is a Texas graduate, but to the contrary his alma mater is A&M.

Regardless, forcing these teams to play is not only the wrong thing to do, I’m pretty sure it’s also illegal. There’s no way that the SEC will let the state of Texas just dictate what will happen with their business operations. Guillen may represent the people of his district, and carry with him a sentiment of rivalry, but his bill is just a bad idea, flat out.

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