Texas Legislature Wants A Texas Longhorns, Texas A&M Football Game Revival

By Amanda Staver
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

So, the Texas House of Representatives, or a member of it, has decided that it was important enough in the state of Texas to introduce a bill that would force Texas A&M and the Texas Longhorns to play a college football game every year.  As a resident of the state of Texas, I can think of many other things that we should be spending our tax dollars on, but that’s just me.

Though, I wouldn’t argue one bit if they actually played again.

Ryan Guillen, a rep from Texas District 31 and also an Aggie grad apparently announced the proposal via twitter on Monday. Also saying, “This game is as much a Texas tradition as cowboy boots and BBQ. The purpose of the bill is to put the eyes of Texas upon our two greatest universities to restore this sacred Texas tradition.”

I’ll admit, the long-standing rivalry game was definitely missed this past Thanksgiving. It didn’t seem right sitting down and not seeing the two slug it out on the field. This past season was the first time these two didn’t line-up across from one another on the gridiron since 1914. And if you talk to a Longhorn fan about the game, they will jump on the opportunity of telling you that the Horns own the series, 76–37–5.

There are still some bitter fans on both sides of the fence, which is nothing new when it comes to Aggie and Longhorn fans. The hate between these two is real. Especially when it comes to football. Well that’s not necessarily true; when it comes to anything, actually.

I’m not a fan of Texas tax dollars being used to make it happen, but I am a fan of it happening in general.

It’s Texas football at it’s finest.

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