What Mack Brown Must Do To Get Texas Back To The National Championship

By Corey Elliot
Kirby Lee-US Presswire

Half distraught and half exuberant I stood in my living room watching Texas Longhorns QB David Ash take a knee to seal the deal at the Alamo Bowl in what was one of Texas’ best all-around games in quite some time.

I suppose finishing strong in a bowl game against a solid Oregon State team had to be where the joy was coming from. That and the absolutely wonderful job Texas’ Major Applewhite did in his first game as the lone offensive coordinator since Bryan Harsin left for smaller and less significant things at Arkansas State.

But feeling distraught? Perhaps stressed is the better word.

Uncertainty at the QB position and mediocrity will do that.

Next year the BCS National Championship is in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. I don’t need to explain what that place, for better and for worse, means to Texas fans everywhere for it has seen Texas fans wildest dreams come true and their worst nightmares come to fruition.

Perhaps I was expecting Ash’s sophomore season to end like Vince Young’s did on a podium after winning a BCS bowl announcing, better yet guaranteeing, that he and Texas will be headed to Pasadena the next year to play for the national title. Sure, maybe Texas isn’t that close just yet but if history does indeed repeat itself than I think Ash and the Longhorns are on the cusp of what could be their much awaited return to prominence.

Colt McCoy’s junior year was a coming out party much like his predecessor’s was finishing second in the Heisman voting after a season full of lighting up the scoreboard and stat columns; both Young and McCoy had incredible junior seasons. And dare I say his name? Yes, even Chris Simms had a solid career at Texas. Most notably his last two seasons, much like McCoy, where he took Texas to two back-to-back 11 win seasons.

But what is the point in all of this reminiscing? Besides making myself feel better it shows an obvious trend in success and a special bond all three of these guys share.

I’m looking at you, Mack Brown.

Coach Brown had enough about him to start Simms over the fan favorite Applewhite which opened the door for Simms to develop and get better. Young shared time with Chance Mock halfway through his redshirt freshman year until getting the nod and we all know how that turned out. Lastly, Brown had a decision to make between freshman Jevan Snead and his redshirt freshman McCoy. Once again Brown committed to one guy and let him learn and grow into a great QB.

All three were successful; it’s time to revive this trend.

There is no reason why a guy who had such moxie and confidence to be so indecisive and uncertain. I’m aware that Ash started most of this past season but when he was pulled a few things happened that absolutely blew my mind.

Texas fans were satisfied with barely beating the Kansas Jayhawks.

What good does it do anyone on the team, especially Ash, if Texas would rather save face with an awful win than take a wake-up call loss? Ash can’t learn and develop if Texas continues to bail him out.

Texas needed to lose that day and as crazy as it sounds Ash needed that loss.

I wanted Ash and the rest of the Longhorns to hit rock bottom because apparently 40 point losses to Oklahoma two years in a row isn’t.  Instead Case McCoy comes in to “save the day” so the second Ash starts struggling against TCU fans start calling for McCoy like a pseudo “relief QB” until McCoy forced a throw into a crowd of Horned Frog DBs on first down with a minute forty left.

I’m over it.

This fall, regardless of what has happened and what may happen, regardless that Tyrone Swoopes, Young’s “second coming”, has arrived, dedicate your trust and belief to Ash and let him be your guy, our guy and more than anything let him be the guy, Mack.

The past few seasons Texas hasn’t been able to develop players to their full potential on offense and it all comes back to the QB circus. Mike Davis and Jaxon Shipley should have tremendous seasons next fall but as long as Brown keeps interrupting the rhythm and chemistry that is needed, that Texas once had, between his QB and WR’s, Texas will continue to underachieve.

David Ash. End of discussion.

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