Alabama Banned Substance Allegations Shouldn't Tarnish Nick Saban's Legacy

By Jeric Griffin
nick saban legacy shouldn't be tarnished
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Just when it seemed like Alabama was the ideal college football program after winning their third BCS National Championship in four years. Of course, that couldn’t last as now allegations are being placed against the school that its football players used the banned substance IGF-1 before molly-rocking Notre Dame in the title game. Whether or not those allegations are true, the legacy Alabama head coach Nick Saban has created should not be tarnished in any way.

In the past four seasons, Saban has created a monster, one that is eating college football alive. His players display a discipline on the field that hasn’t been seen in decades and that’s why they roll over their opponents (no pun intended). To suggest these players, who seem bigger, stronger and faster than others, are cheating is expected when a program is this dominant. However, these specific allegations don’t hold a lot of weight.

Again, this specific accusation is that Alabama players used IGF-1 only before the national championship game. But if you saw this team play at any point in the season before the big game, you would know they didn’t need any extra help in cruising to another title.

Because of that, you can’t say the legacy Saban has created is tarnished. Even if those players did use banned substances before the game against Notre Dame, they still accomplished a ton before that and would have won the game regardless. If you don’t believe that, you shouldn’t be allowed to watch football ever again. Saban is the man and this doesn’t affect that at all.

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