Politicians Justified in Wanting NCAA to Restore Penn State Scholarships

By Jeric Griffin
penn state scholarships
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It only took one year for the Pennsylvania legislation to get involved in restoring scholarships to the Penn State football program. State representatives Charlie Dent and Glenn Thompson wrote a letter to NCAA president Mark Emmert, telling him that punishing innocent student athletes isn’t the way to correct the years of wrong at Penn State and they’re exactly right.

Look, it’s been a year. Joe Paterno is gone and Jerry Sandusky is locked up. Those men are no longer in the picture and Sandusky is getting what he deserves. Although the NCAA did right by giving Penn State “the death penalty,” the student-athletes involved did nothing wrong and are being punished for basically no reason.

If anything, the NCAA should punish anyone and everyone who knew about the sex scandal by taking away money from them, not the players. The real problem here isn’t just the current players on Penn State’s roster–it’s the ones who would have been in the years to come had this scandal never been revealed.

Several players, namely USC running b, transferred to other schools through the NCAA’s “free pass” for current Penn State players when the scandal was finally brought to light and the men responsible were punished. However, it’s the players who were already committed to Penn State and the ones who would have undoubtedly committed otherwise who are being hurt by this.

Picture the three-star recruit who lives near Happy Valley impressed the Nittany Lions’ coaching staff enough to earn a scholarship, but is unable to attend any other university for financial reasons. Without the scholarships, this young man, who probably wouldn’t have made it pro but could have used the free education, likely will never attend college now. That is who these sanctions are hurting and that’s exactly why these state representatives are in the right by trying to help this troubled school and it’s potential students.

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