Ronaiah Tuiasosopo: Manti Te'o Not In on Hoax Execution

By patmercadante
Matt Cashore-US Presswire

Last week,  Manti Te’o sat down on camera with Katie Couric and told her that he was not in on the hoax, and how he is far from being gay.

This week Ronaiah Tuiasosopo got his chance to go in front of the cameras to tell his side of the story to Dr. Phil McGraw. The interview will be aired tomorrow and Friday and some details of the interview have already emerged.

Tuiasosopo reportedly told McGraw that Te’o did not know that Lennay Kekua did not exist, and Tuiasosopo himself created her with pictures he stole from a former friends Facebook account. He reiterated that Te’o believed Kekua to be real and that Te’o was believed to be in a genuine relationship.

What does this all mean? Hopefully now that questions were answered and partial explanations given, this bizarre story will go away.

Whether Te’o was so trusting that he was blinded on how this relationship could not be real will never be explained. Why Tuiasosopo did this hoax, why he chose Te’o and what did he expect the outcome to be also probably won’t be explained. How this hoax affected Te’o also can’t be explained, because no one knows how Te’o was affected.

Is it coincidental that Te’o had this bizarre emotional roller coaster over his head when he led Notre Dame into the National Championship game? Is it also coincidental that  he just happened to have the worst game of his Notre Dame career, missing tackles and being out of position?

In no way is the hoax that haunted him an excuse for Te’o, who is human and had a bad game. Unfortunately for him, it was in his teams biggest game of the year. Although it was his worst game, the soap opera that followed was much worse than his performance on the field and unlike the game that was over quickly, the soap opera seems to be going on and on.

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