Bill Snyder Signs Five-Year Extension With Kansas State Wildcats

By Rick Stavig
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas State Wildcats did the right thing by extending head football coach Bill Snyder for five more years.

Not that they had much choice.

Snyder is personally responsible for any and all success the Wildcats program has ever had. Period.

Before Snyder was there (pre-1989), the Wildcats had a .370 winning percentage in 93 years of college football.  They had only been to a single bowl game, and were on a 55 year conference title drought.  They had two winning seasons in the 34 years before the young man from St. Joseph, Missouri, arrived in Manhattan, Kansas.

What transpired in the years after 1989 is arguably the greatest architectural rebuilding job in the history of college football.  Snyder went 136-68-1 from ’89-’05.  He had one Big 12 Championship, won the Big 12 North four times,  won Big 12 Coach of the year four times, was Big Eight COY three times, won the Walter Camp COY, AP COY, and Bobby Dodd COY.  Snyder then announces he was going to retire, and the school promptly renamed the stadium after him.

If his career would’ve ended there, it’s still College Football Hall of Fame worthy.  But he didn’t stop there.

After three lackluster seasons under Ron Prince, K-State needed and wanted to get back to the glory days of Snyder.  Ask and you shall receive.

Snyder came back in ’09 with a vengeance of renewing the once proud program he had built.  Most thought he would be too old (70 years old at the time), but he had other plans.

Since Snyder came back to KSU for the second time, the Wildcats have been one of college football’s most successful teams.  It hit a high water mark last year when the Wildcats were one win away from playing in the National Championship, as the Wildcats won their second Big 12 Championship.

So no, the brass at KSU didn’t have much of a choice.  He’s the only man that’s ever been able to win there.  His role in the community and with the university is vital to the fan base, the team, and the institution itself.

With this newly signed five-year extension (with an automatic rollover after each year), the Wildcats administration is telling Snyder the job is his for as long as he wants it.

After considering what he’s done for that school and that program, I’d say he earned it.

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